Our mission is to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families. Our Independent Damsel Pros are not only arming others and experiencing financial freedom, but also offering empowerment and healing to those affected by assault #becauseofdamsel.

One by one, we are changing statistics and giving back to the many amazing partner organizations below that are making a difference in the lives of those who have been assaulted. As we continue to grow, our hearts and eyes are wide open for where God will take us next. Whether you are a customer, a hostess or an Independent Damsel Pro, we thank you for being a part of this journey!

O U R   E X E C U T I V E   T E A M !


Mindy was born with innate creativity. Her past creative businesses have all helped set the stage for Damsel’s success and her role as CMO. Mindy is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Jimmy, and together they have two fantastic kiddos. When she’s not dreaming up new Damsel amazingness she enjoys shoe shopping, glamping with her family, and supporting her coffee addiction.

Bethany has an innate ability to plan every little detail making her an amazing CSO. She is responsible for coordinating our Annual Nationwide Conference, Annual Leadership Retreat, Incentive Trips and all other Damsel events. In her spare time, she enjoys working out at the gym, meal prepping and spending time with her husband, Chris, and their three sweet daughters.

Jimmy is a graduate of California State University Fullerton where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in accounting, making him the perfect CFO. Jimmy is a licensed CPA and is responsible for keeping Damsel debt-free through responsible budgeting and planning. He is known around the office for his love of food, Excel and saying things like “well, in my previous life”. In his free time, Jimmy enjoys golfing, auditing his kitchen utensils and spending time with Mindy and their kids.

Chris has a background in business including a specialty in purchasing, making him an ideal COO. He is responsible for establishing relationships with partner factories to ensure our Damsel products are readily available and produced to the highest quality of standards. Chris is known around the office for making every attempt to rebel against the office dress code. In his free time, Chris enjoys fishing, discipleship, spending quality time with his wife, Bethany, and their three beautiful daughters.

Ingrid is a former Damsel Director turned in-house Field Development Director. She made the move from California to Idaho to join the Home Office Team in 2015. She is responsible for communications to the field and public, running training programs, and keeping a pulse on what is happening with the field. Ingrid is known around the office for catching every grammatical error and desktop candy dish. When she’s not on her phone, she enjoys hiking, camping, and target shooting with her husband.

Larissa has an inherent appreciation for order and structure, coupled with a strong background in operations and organization development, making her the perfect Director of Operations. Joining Damsel in November 2016, she provides leadership to Pro Support, Returns and our Distribution Center. Larissa is married to her best friend and loves to spend time with her family. Weekend adventures include camping, desert RZR riding with her camera and road trips. Around the office, Larissa is known for her encouraging words and often teased for her strange love of Excel.

John loves exploring the far reaches of product design and development. Joining Damsel in the summer of 2017, John brings a wealth of product development knowledge to the team with expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, product design, and business and project management. If he is not creating for Damsel, you will probably find him doing something creative with his family. He enjoys over analyzing everything, dry humor, science fiction and coming up with alternative solutions beyond the obvious.

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