Feeling weighed down, irritable, bloated and just plain blah? Your gut could be to blame. Better gut health is often the first step toward better overall health.


What Can a Better Gut Do for You?

Probiotics, or “good bacteria,” help keep our entire digestive health in check and balanced. But factors like our diet, stomach acid or just time can cause a shortage, throwing our health’s balance a bit off, introducing all kinds of potential issues down the road. Nourishing your body with an effective probiotic supplement can help combat these natural occurrences and keep your healthy balance.*

Both Pre and Probiotics

Gut Health Hero is a daily supplement that combines prebiotics and probiotics featuring 3 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) to promote a healthy gut and healthy digestion.

It’s Time to Thrive

With a well balanced diet and exercise, our 100% all natural supplement could help you feel like your better self again. Features a vanilla mint scent that makes this supplement easier to swallow with no burn.

More to Love

Manufactured in the USA
Clean and ethically sourced
Non Soy
Gluten Free
All natural flavors and colors

What Makes Gut Health Hero Unique?

  • 16 strains of good probiotic bacteria to support healthy digestions & overall health.
  • 2 strains of prebiotics fuel to fertilize probiotics for their long journey through the gut.
  • Prebiotics are the hero ingredient that helps our bodies become and stay a thriving ecosystem.

Don’t Ignore Your Microbiome Health

  • Diversity is one of the best indicators of overall microbiome health. The body’s microbiome is all of the bacteria that can be in your body. The best way to keep bad bacteria out of your body is to make sure the good bacteria is strong and healthy. Having many different bacteria in your body is extremely important.
  • Diversity and higher fiber intake are related to lower long-term weight gain. C Menni, et al. Gut microbiome diversity and high-fibre intake are related to lower long-term weight gain, International Journal of Obesity volume 41, pages 1099–1105 (2017)
  • Lower bacterial diversity has been reproducibly observed in people with inflammatory bowel disease, psoriatic arthritis, diabetes, atopic eczema, celiac disease and obesity. Valdes Ana M, Walter Jens, Seagal Eran, Spector Tim D. Role of the gutmicrobiota in nutrition and health BMJ 2018; 361 :k2179

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