Our team of leaders, creators, customer service professionals, and designers are incredibly passionate about the Damsel Mission, but we know how to have fun, too.

Mindy Lin, Founder & CEO

Mindy was born with ideation and strategy in her veins and an unending drive to do good in her gut. Her past businesses have all helped set the stage for Damsel’s success and her role as a visionary. As an impassioned voice for change and a steadfast leader, Mindy proudly partners with God and the people He surrounds her with to bring to life the vision and future of Damsel.

Jimmy Lin, Owner & CFO

Jimmy has an intuitive ability to make a policy or procedure out of anything. His experience working in public accounting for 13 years assisting his clients and the ability to keep Damsel debt-free through responsible budgeting and planning makes him our perfect CFO. Jimmy received his Bachelor of Arts from California State University Fullerton with a concentration in accounting before marrying his high school sweetheart and receiving his CPA license.


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